Stable Doors


The UPVC casement window

is highly effective and one of the most popular double glazing styles.

It is suited to virtually all property types and its ease of use appeals to UK property owners. What’s more, our energy rated UPVC casement windows are virtually maintenance free, and reduce noise pollution - not to mention the fact that they will keep your home both "toastier" and much more secure. All Hazlemere's double glazed UPVC casement windows have an "A+" energy efficiency rating as standard. "A+" rated casement windows means that your central heating will not need to be on so often, thereby reducing your heating bills. With a combined U-Value of 1.3 W/m2K Hazlemere's casement windows are highly thermally efficient, and if you select our A++ Energy Rated UPVC triple glazed casement windows, the U-Value is an impressive 1.0 W/m2K.


UPVC Sliding Doors

UPVC sliding patio doors are a very affordable option to bring more light into your home, as these cost effective doors can support large spans of glass and have a relatively slim vertical profile.  This allows you to maximise the amount of light that can enter your home, showcasing the space to best effect and connecting the inside with outside.

Modern UPVC offers a great deal of benefits when used in your home including; enhanced soundproofing, excellent security, impressive energy efficiency and low maintenance. Ideal for those with a family and a busy schedule.

Twin Track 

Our two panel and four panel sliding doors offer a 50% clear opening. And thanks to the quality and strength of our sliding door systems, we can manufacture a door in excess of 5000 mm x 2400 mm split into just two sections, and the doors themselves can be manufactured more than 2800mm tall.

3 Track-Sliding .jpg

Triple Track 

Our triple track door system offers numerous flexible configurations:

  • Three panels can create a two-thirds opening, or a middle sliding panel with two fixed.

  • For extremely large doors, six panels with three stacking either side offers both symmetry and a huge opening, creating an impressive sliding door which will transform your property.

Key Features  

  • Popular D handle.

  • Dual colour options.

  • Up to 2800mm in height.

  • 2,3,4 and 6 panels available.

  • 80mm mullion (vertical profile)

  • Internally glazed with square beads.

  • Available in a huge range of RAL colours.

  • Dual slide option available, maximum panel size 2500mm.

  • Standard colours include black, white and 7016 grey. Bespoke colours also available.